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Community Council




Community Council Agenda  November 8, 2017

Introductions, Training, School Improvement Plan, GVC’s, Digital Citizenship

Items for future Agendas:
Emergency Plan


Santa Clara Elementary Community Council Minutes October 17, 2017, 4 PM Welcome:  Nadine Hancey Attendance and Introductions:  Nadine Hancey, Fran Stucki, Tina Ward, Kim Galvin, Meredith Weakly, Kathy Hall, Angela Fishel Community Council Norms: Follow Roberts Rules of Order Start and end on time Silence phones Follow agenda Let all voices be heard Disagree without being disagreeable Discussion Items: Parents- Appoint one more member. Need another parent who is not also a district employee. Amanda Spendlove was called and will let us know. Elect Officers Meredith Weakly elected as Chair, Angela Fishel volunteered for Vice Chair and Kim Galvin volunteered as Secretary. Review Final Trust Lands Report This report is similar to the one approved last year but with a few changes. Goal #1 Nicole Robinson was hired as a paraprofessional 12hrs/week to give support to our below level learners in second through fifth grade. Cindy Rodet and Joy Carroll are running the take-home library Larry Gardner is working 3 hrs a week to help a few of our most at-risk students be successful in and out of the classroom when needed. Hire 2-3 paraprofessionals to provide interventions for some of our high ability learners. Nadine Hancey will discuss this with Andrea Reid. They would like it to be more project based in the future. Not sure what that will look like, probably 9-10 hours per week. We need to hire 1-2 more. Stephanie Gibson was hired as a paraprofessional to give support for at-risk math students Joy Carroll is working with our OEK class and with the take home library. Goal #2 Focus on technology. Our computers are out of date and 10+ years old. After the Fall report is submitted, once approved, then the new technology will be ordered. The District will need to order these through their vendors. We will order chrome books and possibly iPads for teachers. Grades 3-5 are using chrome books. Tina Ward mentioned that teachers need iPads for Dibels, but are willing to take either iPads or Chromebooks. Review 2017-2018 budget www.schoollandtrust.org Meeting schedule for the year We will meet 4 times a year on the first Wed. of the month except in November, which we will meet November 10th at 3:45 PM Items for future agendas: CSIP GVC’s Digital Citizenship Emergency Plan Budget in the Spring This is a tentative schedule that will change as we go. We need a new roster for the next meeting. 11/04/2017


The public is welcome to attend our meetings.  Meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of the month in October, November, February, and March. An agenda with the date, time and place will be posted prior to the meeting; at least a week in advance.  We follow the Roberts Rules of Order.  At the beginning of each school year, we elect new members for our community council.  Watch for information on how to apply next August.  If you are interested in serving you may also send an email to nadine.hancey@washk12.org.

Community Council Members 2017-2018

Parent 1st year:   Kim Galvin (435) 862-1184    Kim759@gmail.com

Parent 1st year:   Jaime Christensen (435) 229-0350    Paisley77@hotmail.com

Parent 2nd year:    Angela Fishel (435) 669-1277    angela.fishel@washk12.org  

Parent 2nd year:    Kathy Hall (435) 669-9121     kathy.hall@washk12.org

Parent 2nd year:    Meredith Weakley  (435) 230-2434    mere_lucky7@hotmail.com

School rep 1st year:    Tina Ward  (435) 628-2624     tina.ward@washk12.org 

School rep 2nd year:   Fran Stucki (435) 628-2624    fran.stucki@washk12.org

Principal:    Nadine Hancey  (435) 628-2624    nadine.hancey@washk12.org


Trust Lands Final Report 2016-17

Goal #1:  Language Arts & Math: Improve student proficiency in language arts and math by focusing on the GVC for each grade level (guaranteed viable curriculum: curriculum goals based on the Utah State core standards).  We will help each student master those curriculum targets by providing repeated interventions for students when needed.  We will monitor student progress closely so that all students will master the GVCs.  We will evaluate student growth through common formative assessments, our core reading and math program unit tests and DIBELS tests.  From these assessments we want to provide extra interventions for students who are to meeting benchmarks, provide a take home reading book for students and provide small group opportunities for our high ability learners.  For Goal 1, we were able to:

  • Hire a paraprofessional 12 hours a week to give support to our below level learners in second through fifth grade.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 14 hours a week to run our take home library so that all K-2 students, as well as students selected by the teacher in grades 3-5 take home a reading book on their level each night.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 7.5 hours a week to help a few of our most at-risk students be successful in the classroom and out of the classroom when needed.
  • Hire 3 paraprofessionals to provide interventions for our high ability learners.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 8 hours a week to give support and provide interventions for our at-risk math students.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 8 hours a week to help in our OEK class.


Goal #2:  Continue implementation of our STEAM program by developing a strong arts program and increasing technology in our school.  We want all students to have the opportunity to participate in music, art and technology.  For Goal 2, we were able to:

  • Pay for the school’s portion of our BTSALP music specialist position.  All children in the school receive music every week.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 16 hours a week (every other week) to provide visual art instruction to all children in the school.
  • Purchase Chrome Books for technology centers in classrooms.


School LAND Trust Program Money Received

2013-14     $24,148

2014-15     $26,113

2015-16     $30,275

2016-17     $35,344

2017-18     $47,283