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Support Staff

Elaine Gubler : Reading Interventionist

Elaine Gubler | Reading Interventionist

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Joy Carroll : Aide

Joy Carroll | Aide

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Robyn Davie : Wellness Room Aide

Robyn Davie | Wellness Room Aide

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Stephanie Gibson : ESL Assistant

Stephanie Gibson | ESL Assistant

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Nicole Robinson : Reading Interventionist

Nicole Robinson | Reading Interventionist

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Cindy Rodet : Take Home Library Aide

Cindy Rodet | Take Home Library Aide

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Gina Ward : Paraprofessional

Gina Ward | Paraprofessional

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Sherry Ann Reep : Technology Support

Sherry Ann Reep | Technology Support

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A little about Sherry Ann Reep
Sherry Ann was born and raised in Salt Lake City.  She went to school in Cedar City where she met the love of her life, Aaron.  Sherry Ann graduated with a Business Education degree from SUU.  They started having children (1 girl, 3 boys) and Sherry Ann was able to stay home and be a mother.  
Once the youngest was in school, Sherry Ann was ready to use her degree.  She began teaching SuccessMaker at Heritage Elementary and then moved to Dixie Sun.  The program changed to iReady and Sherry Ann enjoyed working with the students and teachers.  Several years later she went to Sunset Elementary for a year and then was put into the District position over iReady.  This only lasted a year when she moved to Lava Ridge Intermediate School.  There, she only had a few responsibilities, so started asking for more.  She found herself learning the tech position and loving it. She wants to learn all she can about the "tech world".
Sherry Ann loves to travel with her husband.  Some of her favorite places have been Rome, Barcelona, and Aruba.  She loves spending time with her children and looks forward to one day having grandchildren to enjoy.