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Wendy Barrus : Third Grade Teacher

Wendy Barrus | Third Grade Teacher

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Dina Murphy : Third Grade DLI Teacher

Dina Murphy | Third Grade DLI Teacher

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California born & raised, I was the first high school graduate in my family. I wanted to be a teacher; however,  my high school guidance counselor told me I wasn’t college material. 

At age 35 with the encouragement of my parents, husband & teenage children I became a college student. A full-time wife & mom; part-time college student, I finally graduated 10 years later with a BA in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Human Development. Two years later I achieved a MA in Multicultural Education. My thesis was “Reading to Infants” where I used my newborn granddaughter as part of my project. I also have a Highly Qualified Teaching Credential as well as Dual Language, Reading & Gifted/Talented Endorsements. 

In this district, I’ve taught kindergarten, traditional first grade, DLI first grade with two Chinese partners, and traditional third grade. Currently, I teach third-grade DLI Chinese with Ms. Liang.

When my twenty years of teaching are over in a couple of years, I plan to volunteer as a CASA mentor, as well as the DOVE Center and the Animal Shelter. 

In our free time my husband Brian & I take a yearly vacation to Hawaii as well as traveling in our newfound love of the RV lifestyle; visiting family, friends, state & national parks.

Tina Ward : Third/Fourth Grade Split Teacher

Tina Ward | Third/Fourth Grade Split Teacher

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Students Will

  • Read with accuracy, fluency and expression (3.RF.4)
  • Read and comprehend grade level texts (3.RL.10; 3.RL.1; 3.RI.2)
  • Produce writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to the task and the purpose (3.W.4; 3.W.1; 3.W.2; 3.W.5)
  • Use strategies for adding and subtracting within 1,000 (3.NBT.2)
  • Multiply and divide within 100 (3.OA.7)
  • Express whole numbers as fractions and recognize that fractions are equivalent to whole numbers (3.NF.3c)
  • Find the area of a rectangular polygon by separating it into smaller rectangles and adding the areas (3.MD.7d)