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Heidi Rowley : Second Grade DLI Teacher

Heidi Rowley | Second Grade DLI Teacher

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Jing Li : Second Grade DLI Teacher

Jing Li | Second Grade DLI Teacher

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Cindy Davis : Second Grade Teacher

Cindy Davis | Second Grade Teacher

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My dream of becoming a teacher began when I was in the second grade. I expressed to my teacher that I thought I could do a better job than her. She put me to the test and made me teach the class. It was a difficult and humbling experience, but the lesson I was taught by this teacher, and the kind and loving way in which she taught me this lesson, resonated with me. I knew I wanted to be like her and help children to reach their full potential. 

Life doesn’t always go as planned and I began a family and made the choice to stay home and raise my two beautiful daughters. I was 36 years old when I finally returned to college, juggling school, a family, managing the books for my husband's business, and working part-time. However, the sacrifices were rewarded when in 2013 I graduated from Dixie State University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and an ESL Endorsement. After completing my student teaching in third grade here at Santa Clara Elementary, I was offered my first teaching position. I have had the pleasure of teaching Kindergarten and the Extended day Kindergarten for four years and am in my fourth year teaching second grade. 

I love learning and acquiring knowledge and my education has continued. I have earned a Technology Endorsement and in 2017 I earned a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am currently working to obtain a Reading Endorsement. 

While teaching is my passion, my greatest love is my sweet grandson and the granddaughter that is arriving in 2021. I enjoy spending time with my daughters and have to admit, they are my best friends. In my free time, I can be found tending my grandbaby, enjoying a jeep ride with my husband, or scrapbooking with my daughters.


Students will

  • Read and recognize the difference between short and long vowel words. (2RF3a)
  • Write a six sentence detailed paragraph with sequence of events and closure (2W3)
  • Read and comprehend grade level text. (2RF4)
  • Skip count by 2’s (to 40), 5’s and 10’s (to 100) and 100’s (to 1000) (2NBT2)
  • Do addition and subtraction problems with 1 or 2 digits to 20 (2OA2)
  • Identify place values (ones, tens, thousands) in a 3 digit number (2NBT1)