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Teacher and Student Success Plan (TSSA)

Current Data:

  • Lower than average RISE scores.

  • Above average DIBELS scores with the exception of one grade (3rd).

  • Rising behavior issues and increasing office referrals.


Focus Area #1 – Student Learning

Goal: Increase our school’s reading scores

  • Summer Professional Development – Teachers will attend summer professional development on how to assess and respond to skill deficiencies. Teachers will receive ongoing professional development in effective reading instruction throughout the year.
  • Chromebooks – Update and add to existing technology in the building. Also purchase a data collection software for Kindergarten. 


Focus Area #2 – Safe Learning Environment

Goal: Decrease the number of office referrals


  • Professional Development – Professional Learning with Tricia Skyles
  • Counselor – Increase Counselor time at our school (.3 FTE from TSSA and matching grant .3)
  • Paraprofessional – Hire a paraprofessional to assist with reading interventions as well as help monitor and support the usage of the wellness room.


Focus Area #3 – Leadership

Goal: All teachers will use data effectively to drive instruction.


  • Data Meetings – Leadership team will meet with each team monthly (for 7 months of the school year) to evaluate data and help teachers use data collection tools effectively.  (substitute costs)