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Second Grade


GVC’s – Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

Students will

  • Read and recognize the difference between short and long vowel words. (2RF3a)
  • Write a six sentence detailed paragraph with sequence of events and closure (2W3)
  • Read and comprehend grade level text. (2RF4)
  • Skip count by 2’s (to 40), 5’s and 10’s (to 100) and 100’s (to 1000) (2NBT2)
  • Do addition and subtraction problems with 1 or 2 digits to 20 (2OA2)
  • Identify place values (ones, tens, thousands) in a 3 digit number (2NBT1)


Jia Wei : 2nd Grade DLI

Jia Wei | 2nd Grade DLI

My Email: jia.wei@washk12.org

Cindy Davis : 2ND Grade

Cindy Davis | 2ND Grade

My Email: cindy.davis-sces@washk12.org

Heidi Rowley : 2nd Grade

Heidi Rowley | 2nd Grade

My Email: heidi.rowley@washk12.org

Tina Ward : 2nd Grade DLI

Tina Ward | 2nd Grade DLI

My Email: tina.ward@washk12.org