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GVC’s – Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

Students will:
  •   Identify all 52 upper and lower case letters.   (RF 1.d)
  •   Identity all 26 letter sounds. (RF 3.a)
  •   Correctly write all 52 upper and  lower case  letters, allowing for up to 5 reversals. RF1d
  •   Read  25-31 Kindergarten high  frequency words correctly.   (RF 3.c)
  •   Students will be able to write a sentence using appropriate writing conventions-
  •   (capitalization, finger spacing, and punctuation). (RF.K.1C and L.K.2A and B)
  •   Recognize numbers from zero to twenty. (K.CC.3)
  •   Correctly write numbers sequentially  0 – 20 allowing for up to 8  reversals. (K.CC.3) 
  •   Correctly write numbers randomly 0 – 20 allowing for up to 8  reversals. (K.CC.3)
  •   Use one to one correspondence while counting up to 20 objects. (K.CC.4a and K.CC.5)
  •   Be able to count from 1-100. (K.CC.1)


Jennifer Beck : Kindergarten

Jennifer Beck | Kindergarten

My Email: jennifer.beck@washk12.org

Marty Clayton : Kindergarten

Marty Clayton | Kindergarten

My Email: marty.clayton@washk12.org

Melanie Del Toro : Kindergarten

Melanie Del Toro | Kindergarten

My Email: melanie.deltoro@washk12.org

Elaine Heger :  OEK Kinder & Reading Intervention

Elaine Heger | OEK Kinder & Reading Intervention

My Email: elaine.heger@washk12.org