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Fifth Grade

GVC’s – Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

Students will

  •      Comprehend while reading with accuracy and fluency. (5.RF.4)
  •      Consider the purpose and audience when writing. (5.W.4)
  •      Round decimals to any place. (5.NBT.4)
  •      Multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.      (5.NBT.5)
  •      Divide four-digit dividends by two-digit divisors. (5.NBT.6)


Leslie Fletcher : 5th Grade

Leslie Fletcher | 5th Grade

My Email: leslie.fletcher@washk12.org

Aaron Reep : 5th Grade

Aaron Reep | 5th Grade

My Email: aaron.reep@washk12org

Mr. Reep was born and (mostly) raised in Utah, with a 4-year period in Southern California. He is the third of 12 children. After returning home from Rome, Italy, Mr. Reep met his lovely wife in Cedar City, Utah, where he began his higher education, which has resulted in a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Dixie State University and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University.  He is currently working on earning his Administrative License through Southern Utah University. This is Mr. Reep's fourth year at Santa Clara Elementary after teaching for ten years at Heritage Elementary in St. George. 

Mr. Reep loves to travel and plan vacations. His favorite place to go is the beach, where he can't seem to sit still for very long. He enjoys taking walks along the beach and boogie boarding. Whenever possible, he loves to snorkel and has even tried SCUBA once. 

Shannon Smith : 5th Grade DLI

Shannon Smith | 5th Grade DLI

My Email: shannon.smith@washk12.org

Jie Xu : 5th Grade DLI

Jie Xu | 5th Grade DLI

My Email: jie.xu@washk12.org