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Fifth Grade

GVC’s – Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

Students will
  • Write a five paragraph opinion essay and support it with details from a text ( ….)
  • Read with sufficient fluency and accuracy to support grade level comprehension (…)
  • Comprehend a variety of grade level and complex literature of various genres (…)
  • Interpret numerical expressions and analyze patterns in multiples of ten and recognize relationships and place value position (5.NBT.1-4)
  • Use whole numbers and fractions to add and subtract as well as extending to multiplication  and division (5.NF.1-5)
  • Understand concepts of measurement/volume and how addition and multiplication relate to volume (5.MD.
  • Write and interpret numerical expressions; and use order of operations (5.OA.1-3)
Leslie Fletcher : 5th Grade

Leslie Fletcher | 5th Grade

My Email: leslie.fletcher@washk12.org

Jaycee Hafen : 5th Grade DLI

Jaycee Hafen | 5th Grade DLI

My Email: jaycee.hafen@washk12.org

Lina Mao : 5th Grade DLI

Lina Mao | 5th Grade DLI

My Email: lina.mao@washk12.org

Carolanne Simkins : 5th Grade

Carolanne Simkins | 5th Grade

My Email: carolanne.simkins@washk12.org