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First Grade

GVC’s – Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

Students will:

  • Know the shapes & how many sides they have.  (1.G1)
  • Read, write and count to 100.(1.NBT.1)
  • Add and subtract within 10 and 20.  (1.OA.6)
  • Know the characters, setting and events in a story.  (1.RL.3)
  • Use phonics and word study skills to read.  (1.RF.3)
  • Write about a topic with facts and other details.  (1.W2)
  • Print all of the alphabet letters; upper and lower case (no reversals). (1.L.1a)


Emilee Russell : 1st Grade

Emilee Russell | 1st Grade

My Email: emilee.russell@washk12.org

Yuanyuan Zhang : 1st Grade DLI

Yuanyuan Zhang | 1st Grade DLI

My Email: yuanyuan.zhang@washk12.org

Janet Morwood : 1ST Grade

Janet Morwood | 1ST Grade

My Email: janet.morwood@washk12.org