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First Grade

GVC’s – Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

Students will:

  • Know the shapes & how many sides they have.  (1.G1)
  • Read, write and count to 100.(1.NBT.1)
  • Add and subtract within 10 and 20.  (1.OA.6)
  • Know the characters, setting and events in a story.  (1.RL.3)
  • Use phonics and word study skills to read.  (1.RF.3)
  • Write about a topic with facts and other details.  (1.W2)
  • Print all of the alphabet letters; upper and lower case (no reversals). (1.L.1a)


Janet Morwood : 1ST Grade

Janet Morwood | 1ST Grade

My Email: janet.morwood@washk12.org

Emilee Russell : 1st Grade

Emilee Russell | 1st Grade

My Email: emilee.russell@washk12.org

Meredith Weakley : 1st Grade DLI

Meredith Weakley | 1st Grade DLI

My Email: meredith.weakley@washk12.org

Jia Wei : 1st Grade DLI

Jia Wei | 1st Grade DLI

My Email: jia.wei@washk12.org

Ok, here is the revised version. Thank you so much!!

Mrs. Wei is from Chengdu, China. She loves children and teaching. She became a full-time preschool teacher after graduating from Chengdu Normal School of Preschool Education. Since she also loves learning a foreign language and exploring new things, she earned a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature from Sichuan University, which helped her become an English teacher in China. She also has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Sichuan Normal University. After over 10 years of teaching English in K-6 public schools, she was selected by the College Board to become a Chinese guest teacher going abroad teaching American children Chinese. She was proud of sharing her mother language and culture with them and decided to continue her teaching journey in the beautiful southern Utah area. This is Mrs. Wei’s fifth year at Santa Clara Elementary in a Chinese Dual Immersion program with two years of previous experience in the same program in Aurora, Colorado.

Mrs. Wei has a lovely daughter and a son. She loves to spend time with her husband and children, cook her favorite Chinese food, watch Disney movies, or go to the parks on a sunny day.