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Trust Land Plan Final Report


Goal #1

Language Arts and Math:  Improve student proficiency in language arts and math by focusing on the guaranteed viable curriculum (GVC) for each grade level, (curriculum goals based on the Utah State core standards). We will help each student master those curriculum targets by providing repeated interventions for students when needed. We will monitor student progress closely so all students will master the GVCs. We will evaluate student growth through common formative assessments, our core reading and math program unit tests, and DIBELS data. From these assessments, we want to provide extra interventions for students who are not meeting benchmarks, provide a take-home reading book for students, and provide small-group opportunities for our high ability learners.

We were able to:

  • Hire a paraprofessional 14 hours a week to give support to our below level learners in second through fifth grade.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 18 hours a week to run our take-home library so all K-2nd students, as well as 3rd-5th students selected by the teacher, can have a leveled book to read at home each night.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 6 hours a week to provide interventions for our high ability learners.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 8 hours a week to give support and provide interventions for our at-risk math students.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 10 hours a week to help with our Extended Day Kindergarten (OEK) students.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 10 hours a week to help students who are having anxiety in the classroom by providing a cool-down area and needed academic and social skills support.
  • Hire substitutes for each grade level to meet for a half-day with the administrative learning team for PLC collaboration. We reviewed GVC’s, CFA’s, and other data and helped teams set goals.

Goal #2

Continue implementation of our STEAM program by developing a strong music program through our BTS music teacher and enhancing science with 21st Century skills in a technology-based science lab (Infini D).

We were able to

  • Pay for the school’s portion of our BTSALP Music Specialist position. All 1st-5th grade students will receive music every week.
  • Purchase the Infini D licenses.
  • Hire a paraprofessional 12 hours a month to help teachers run their “missions” in the new Infini D Science Lab.


School LAND Trust Program Money Received

2013-14     $24,148

2014-15     $26,113

2015-16     $30,275

2016-17     $35,344

2017-18     $47,283

2018-19     $53,394

2019-20     $53,163