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Santa Clara Elementary Community Council

November 7, 2018    

 4:00 PM Conference Room


In attendance: Mr. Stephens, Mrs. Thorkelson, Mrs. Galvan, Mrs. Murphy & Mrs. Hancey.

Minutes from the October 10, 2018 meetings were read. The proposed budget is at the district waiting for approval.  

CSIP is an acronym for: Consolidated School Improvement Plan.  CSIP was discussed. It was noted that in each grade level team the teachers research their State Core Curriculum and it, along with data, is used to set and implement goals for student achievement.  

GVC is an acronym for: Guaranteed Viable Curriculum. GVC’s are a living document (goals) set by the teachers in each team.  Students work consistently throughout the year to meet their GVC goals. GVC handouts were given to members of the Community Council and are posted on the individual grade level pages on the school website.  

Digital Citizenship: Members discussed students understanding of good citizenship in the age of technology and inside the school setting.  Students are taught internet safety in several ways. A state program “Net Smart” is taught in an assembly setting for all students by a representative from the program.  In the beginning of the year in the computer lab Mrs. White shows a video to all individual classes. Teachers are constantly roaming their room and making sure students are doing the appropriate and assigned tasks during technology time in classrooms. A digital technology handout was given to council members.

Next meeting: January 9, 2019 tentatively to discuss the emergency plan for our school.  

October 8, 2018

4:00 PM 

Conference Room- School Office


Community Council October 8, 2018  Agenda

  1. Introductions and discussion on size of our council
  1. Roberts Rules of Order
  1. Elect Officers
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Secretary
  1. Review Final Report for 2017-2018 Plan 
  1. Review 2018-2019 Plan and Budget
    1. Discuss the need for a budget Change and vote for approval. 
    2. Sign letter to be sent to the school board requesting the change.
  1. www.schoollandtrust.org
  1. Meeting Schedule for the year
    1. Next Meeting: 
  1. Items for future Agendas:
    1. CSIP (Consolidated School Improvement Plan)
      1. What is a GVC? 
    2. Digital Citizenship
    3. Emergency Plans