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Support Staff

Joy Carroll : Aide

Joy Carroll | Aide

My Email: joy.carroll@washk12.org

Robin Davie : Aide

Robin Davie | Aide

My Email:

Stephanie Gibson : ESL Assistant

Stephanie Gibson | ESL Assistant

My Email: stephanie.gibson@washk12.org

Cindy Rodet : Take Home Library Aide

Cindy Rodet | Take Home Library Aide

My Email:

Marilyn Shankula : Counselor

Marilyn Shankula | Counselor

My Email: marilyn.shankula@washk12.org

Marty Clayton : Kindergarten Teacher

Marty Clayton | Kindergarten Teacher

My Email: marty.clayton@washk12.org

Mrs. Clayton teaches AM/PM Kindergarten. She has also taught at Labay Middle School in Houston, Texas. She has her Bachelors degree in Elementary Education wiith an Early Childhood Endorsement. She loves teaching children! She loves teaching the ABC's and Science, as well as songs and fingerplays. Her favorite foods are Mexican and chocolate. Her hobbies include crafts, running, sports, Zumba, and reading. She loves teaching because children are so excited and eager to learn, everything is new, and these children give her a fresh perspective about our world. Also, she is a grandma!


Marilyn Roberts : Librarian

Marilyn Roberts | Librarian

My Email: marilyn.roberts@washk12.org

Pat White : Computer Lab Aide

Pat White | Computer Lab Aide

My Email: pat.white@washk12.org

Mrs. White is our computer technology specialist. She graduated from Sweetwater Union High School. She attended Bay Visita Beauty College as well as Bonita Visita College. She loves to teach ALL computer skills and especially powerpoint. She loves Mexican and Chinese food. Her hobbies are scrapbooking, computers, and cooking. Mrs. White loves being with her family and cute grandkids, outdoors and camping, going out to eat, and teaching.

Nicole Robinson : Reading Interventionist

Nicole Robinson | Reading Interventionist

My Email: nicole.robinson@washk12.org