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SAGE testing measures your student’s progress on the Utah Core Standards.

SAGE stands for Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence. SAGE is a system of assessments designed to measure student success and growth over the years. SAGE tests are based on the Utah Core Standards, a set of academic standards that raise our expectations for students and teachers.

The SAGE system includes:

■ Summative end-of-year tests that assess how our schools and districts are doing. These tests replace the CRTs that were previously administered at the end of the school year.

■ Interim fall and winter tests that monitor student progress. These tests are administered by the schools and districts that are choosing to implement them.

■ A formative assessment tool available online to students, families, and teachers that provides materials to support instruction.


The SAGE test does NOT:

  • determine the final grade of your student.
  • determine the future of your student’s academic career.
  • give information to the federal government.
  • give the student’s teacher positive or negative information, only one data point out of many performance indicators for the school year.

The SAGE test DOES:

  • help teachers determine how their instruction is meeting the needs of the students.
  • help schools determine if current curriculum is meeting the needs of the students.
  • show the growth of the student’s achievement between grade levels.